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We will realize a dream entrusted to 'Chemistry'.

The chemical business world must remain at the cutting-edge in functional terms, while retaining awareness of the need to conserve the environment.

Alongside globalization, responding to customers' demands swiftly and flexibly is also crucial.

We, at ESTCHEM CO.,LTD. are optimally exploiting manpower and furnishing products and providing many of our customers with technology, knowledge, market information and business plans in our professional capacity.

We would like to convey our dream to you by facilitating various daily necessities centering on chemical products.

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A total chemical solution, created from person-to-person communication.

We are working on a business with a total perspective and professionalism; creating products from their basic chemical form and then constructing them, with an optimal solution.

We are ready to provide the best and most appropriate total chemical solution by leveraging our professional expertise - all for the sake of our customers.

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Three Ties – Person-to-Person / Chemistry to Life

We, at ESTCHEM CO.,LTD. will meet customers' demands based upon the trio: 'Technology & Information', 'Planning & Marketing' and 'Human Network'. We always consider our customers in every project and act swiftly and carefully.

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Various products meeting market demands.

Chemical products synonymous with our daily life: We are providing new products following environmental changes as an agent of Japan's major chemical producers. We promise to provide top-quality products with stable cost performance to facilitate your everyday life --- food, clothing and houses. We will support our customers with diverse products, from basic to performance chemicals.

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