Corporate Principles

Company Philosophy

We focus on our existence value and make innovations. We act thinking of contribution to our society. We think and take actions about happiness and prosperity of our colleagues. We most importantly value Creativity, Ingenuity, Sincerity, Endeavor, and Trust.

Company Slogan

Incubate by chemistry We believe in the infinite possibility of Chemistry and make innovations through

Mission Statement

Information Company
We become a company of providing our customers with new unreplaceable value through our information gathering and analysis.
Challenging Spirit
We set no limits on ourselves. We act borderlessly with open mind.
Creative Action
We do not only rely on our knowledge or experiences, but also use our ability to incubate values from zero when we engage ourselves in our daily work.
Team Building
We create excellent team chemistry and atmosphere in which everyone communicates, supports each other, and consequently better executes their tasks.
We abide by the regulations and rules set in and outside of our company and provide our colleagues with security and safe, comfortable work place.